Your Marketing Sucks

March 6, 2017

Hi, I’m Paul

I’m a fully qualified REPs level three personal trainer

And I’ve always been passionate about sports

I’m also fully insured…

Because there’s a VERY high risk that I’ll bore you to death with my life story

^^^ That right there?

Is how most personal trainers come across on their websites

And that’s exactly why MOST personal trainers are STRUGGLING to get clients

The truth is, amigo…

When someone is overweight and they’re scared of exercise?

(ie – MOST of the population)

The last thing they care about is YOUR exercise history

Sure, they want to see that you practice what you preach…

And they WILL expect you to be in shape

But they don’t care about you

Not really


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They ONLY care about what you can do for THEM

And if your website reads like an open ‘love letter’ to yourself?

You might want to consider changing that


Paul ‘Bored’ Mort

PS – If my advice above has got you thinking…

And you’d like to learn more about marketing your business in a way that will attract people?

(Instead of boring them to death?)

I have some exciting news

My ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’ is opening up again, this month

And when you sign up?

I’ll show you EXACTLY how you should be marketing your business

Until then?

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For I have much to teach you, youngblood

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