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Your last chance to get this

August 24, 2015

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So MMIC was CLOSED last month, chachi..

That means I wasn’t able to tell you about
the newsletter that month

and its almost time for me to get the August
one out members of the inner circle

So, my feathered friend


are your LAST chance to get your hands on
that issue

here’s whats inside:

* The NEW ROOLZ of FB ads for fitpros

* How we create our own CHAOS and
STRUGGLE..and what to do about it

* How to set up your Facebook ad campaigns so
they’re like a laser guided sniper rifle
hunting your ideal client

* The 2 questions to ask yourself if you’re
lacking clarity in your bizniz and life

* Facebooks SECRET Ad Weapon that most people
have no clue about (it can DRAMATICALLY
improve your results)

* an insight into Uncle Morty’s morning
routine that puts my in power to DOMINATE the
shit out of each and every day

* How to dramatically increase your ‘selling
it’s on email, on the phone, a webinar or
even on person (WARNING: this is powerful as
fuck and could make you an unstoppable

* a ‘swipe and deply’ squeeze page template
that’ll bring you a bunch of new leads and
email addresses

* The most effective and powerful ‘type’ of
Advert for maximum return on investment

* On page 10–> What you should AVOID and why
most Personal Trainers get it VERY wrong (and
consequently think FB ads dont work)

* The 4 CRITICAL things that any FB ad needs
to have if its going to pull in leads on

* What works (and what sucks) when it comes
to choosing your ad images

* A free online tool that ensures that your
Ad pictures draw peoples eyes.. and the all
important CLIC

* How to choose your audience (using the
little used ‘insights’ for LASER TARGETTING
(and bad-ass results)

* What to watch out for and measure once your
ad is up and running to make sure you aren’t
pissing money away

* How to make sure you DONT GET YOUR ASS
BANNED from Facebook (and what to do about it
if you DO)

* An ‘old school Uncle Morty’ marketing and
retention tactics that will blow peoples
socks off

* The best AND most offensive email I’ve ever
read that made a shit ton of sales for my

and a whole bunch more

With you in a couple of days when you join

Paul ‘last chance’ Mort

PS- Yer, this is a little late

With all the excitement of my footie comeback

I TOTALLY forgot to schedule an email

Will tell you more tomorrow






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