"You must be NuTz" - The Paul Mort Podcast

“You must be NuTz”

July 19, 2016

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So we’re just 10 days out from my first ever boxing match

I would say I’m excited, but I’d be lying

and I leave that to dem mush cookie mentors

Funny thing is, everyone keeps telling me I’m NuTz for wanting to get in a ring and fight

Which isn’t helping my nerves

then again, neither is the fact there’ll be 450 people there, baying for blood

But you know, hombre…

people told me I was nuts when I set up my first PT bizniz, way back when

They did the same when I sold my group training biz and moved to Marbella

and of course they did the same when I invested every penny I had to start a supplement company

funnily enough, they had jack shit to say when I sold it a couple of years later for a handsome profit

Thing is, people will ALWAYS project their own fears ONTO YOU

Those comments about being self employed

the remarks about having a coach

I still get it now…

They do it to make themselves feel better for their own lack of balls

So am I nutz for wanting to get into the ring?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But I have a STRONG reason WHY

I’m doing it for ME


To get better

to overcome my fears

to prove to MYSELF that i have what it takes to go 3 get into great shape and go toe to toe with a guy that wants to take my head off

I’m also a HUGE believer in ‘walking the walk’

I wouldn’t ask ANYONE to do what I haven’t already done and that I’m not willing to do

Just 1 of the reasons my inner circle kicks ass

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Paul ‘Nut Bag’ Mort

PS- Those 6 guys are currently experiencing the most intesnse and powerful 3 days of their entire lives

here in South Shields

they walked in as 6 good men…

they’ll walk out as Unstoppable Bastards…

I have 5 slots left for October

If you’re interested… hit reply

By the way- IT ISN’T CHEAP— not even close

but then again, nothing this awesome ever is

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