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They were WRONG

January 28, 2015

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“Just thought i would say thank you, I’ve
converted more memberships in December than
ANY other month of the year all using email,
ive also grown some balls and just took over
a lease for my very unit! shitting myself but
im gonna give it my best shot. So thankyou
for everything”
Thats the message I got over Flakebook from
MMIC member Darren Tyrie…
If you could see my face right now….
You’d see that it’s chuffed for “D-Tizzle”
but not remotely surprised
See, I ain’t got a crystal ball but I did
predict it, muchacho
(go back and check my emails if you don’t
believe me)
Whilst the mush cookies and most of the
fitness industry were talking about December
being the “quietest month of the year”
and “Prepare for the January rush”
Uncle Morty called Horse-shit on that.
See December and ANY month for that matter
 is only quiet if you suck at marketing.
What did Darren do different?
Well, he didn’t believe ‘them’
*He kept running facebook ads- DAILY 
*He kept sending traffic to a squeeze page- DAILY
*He kept sending ‘info-taining’ emails- DAILY
*He kept FOLLOWING up his applications- DAILY
In essence, chico he did what ‘most other’
PT’s and fitness bizniz owners- WOULDNT DO
and he did what he was instructed to by his
Dirty Uncle Morty
So whilst they were struggling during
December, chico
Darren had his MOST PROFITABLE month of 2014
Crazy right?
Well not really, its standard practice when
you invest in my inner circle…
Check it out here:
Paul ‘crystal bollocks’ Mort
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It’s a proper ‘banger’ and is a really RARE
but one thats resulted in SERIOUS bacon for me
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