I Would’ve Lost My Sh*t

March 18, 2017

Yesterday, I had a few ‘technical difficulties’ with my website

During the long awaited ‘relaunch’ of MMIC…

My servers crashed

(Due to amount of traffic that I was getting)

And as a result?


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I probably lost out on a LOT of sales

A few years ago?

I would’ve lost my sh*t

Yesterday, I took it all in my stride

The difference between now and then?

Three years

MMIC has been around for three years

And in that time?

I’ve changed a LOT

As a result, MMIC has also changed a lot

In fact, if you’ve ever thought about joining MMIC in the past…

But decided against it?

You might want to reconsider:

MMIC Sales Page (March 2016)

Today’s version of MMIC is better than ever

Just like your Uncle Morty

Paul ‘Better Than Ever’ Mort

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And you’re STILL not convinced?

Drop me an email

Tell me why

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