World’s Hottest Felon Banned From UK?

April 28, 2017

Yesterday, whilst checking in with my MMIC Facebook group…

Something in the newsfeed caught my eye

It was a headline, from the BBC:

“World’s hottest felon Jeremy Meeks banned from entering the UK”


(Although not in ‘that’ way)

I clicked the link to find out more:

In 2014, career criminal Jeremy Meeks became a ‘viral sensation’…

When Stockton police posted his mugshot up on their Facebook page

Since then?

He’s been snapped up by a modelling agency

And apparently, his services are in-demand

However, when he tried to enter the UK on Tuesday for work purposes?

Border control sent him ‘packing’

Now, whilst I’m NOT a fan of Jeremy’s criminal antics…

You have to admit, the title of ‘world’s hottest felon’ is pretty clever

In fact, in marketing terms?


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It’s genius

Because instead of having to compete with other ‘generic’ models…

Jeremy now has his very own ‘niche’

Which means that he has ZERO competition

And can essentially charge what he wants

The lesson?

You could do the EXACT same thing in your business

I’m not saying you should start breaking the law…

But instead of referring to yourself as a ‘personal trainer’?

Give yourself a different ‘title’

It worked for the ‘The Body Coach’

It could work for you, as well

Paul ‘World’s Hottest Advice’ Mort

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