Working? On A Saturday?

March 25, 2017

What are you to today, amigo?

Shopping with the family?

A spot of lunch with the wife?

An afternoon of Disney movies with the kids?


Are you working?

Hopefully, the answer to that last one is ‘no’

But if you are?

I hope you’re being ‘handsomely’ rewarded for your time


I’m working


That’s not a typo

I’m actually working today

On a Saturday



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Well, today I’m hosting ‘Mindset X: 2.0’

AKA – “The Most Controversial Event The Fitness Industry Has EVER Seen”

(I’ll tell you more about ‘why’ that is, another day)

And rest assured, my friend…

I’m being VERY handsomely rewarded for my time

However, as nice as the money is?

I value my TIME even more

Which is why I’ve created businesses that give me FULL control over my schedule


I NEVER work Saturdays

Or Sundays

Or Wednesdays

Or Friday afternoons

Or evenings

And still, I manage to make ‘the big bucks’

(Whilst getting my ‘clients’ the results that they’re paying me for)

If you want to learn how to do the same in YOUR business?

Click the link below:

And I’ll show you how it’s done

Paul ‘Money’ Mort

PS – If me talking about money upsets you?

That’s YOUR problem, chico

Not mine

And I would suggest that you look at the reasons ‘why’ it upsets you…

Instead of blaming ME for the fact that it does

(I’m actually trying to do you a FAVOUR here, dude)

However, if you’re NOT willing to do that?

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You’d be a TERRIBLE fit for MMIC:

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