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Wish You Were Here?

November 24, 2016

Have I ever told you that I can travel through time?

True story, amigo.

At this very moment…

As you read this email?

I’m away in Lanzarote.

With my wife and kids.

On a family holiday.

With no phone.

No laptop.


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And no access to my email account.

(Which means that my family are getting my FULL attention right now.)

And these words that you’re reading?

They’re coming at you from the past.

Spooky, eh?

You see, unlike all of the ‘mush-cookies’ out there…

(With no young families to think about.)

I don’t spend all of my ‘spare’ time slogging away in a free Facebook group.

Because I use SYSTEMS.

Systems that allow me to run TWO very successful (and profitable) businesses.

Systems that allow me to only work three and a half days each week, WITHOUT fail.

Systems that allow me to take week long holidays with my wife and kids, as and when I please.

And the best thing?

You can use these same systems in YOUR business too.

Want to find out more?

Go here:


I’m taking enquiries for April 2017.

(Just in time for next year’s holiday season.)

Paul ‘Postcard’ Mort

PS – Don’t forget…

It’s ‘Black Friday’ tomorrow.

So keep an eye on your inbox.

I’ve got a VERY big announcement to make.

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