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I wish I’d knew THIS when I first started out…

November 8, 2017

Was watching “Wolf of Wall Street” for the umpteenth time…

Merely for the cocaine and bedroom olympics parts, of course..

But whilst watching Leo De Caprio throw Dwarves at a giant dartboard…

I had one of those corny ‘lightbulb’ moments that all of those mush cookie goorooz seem to have had at some point

(Don’t worry I aint gonna go all “Positive affirmation” on your cute ass)

But If I’d have figured this out sooner, god knows where I’d be right now and how many “Fun Coupons”

(as they call money in the movie)

I’d be stacking up.

Allow me to explain myself, squire

Your business.. and ALL businesses, actually


one ONE thing and one thing alone.


It’s as simple as that.

Without sales, you have no clients

without clients, you get no bacon for that sammich

You can bleat on and on about ‘results’ and ‘customer service’ and all of that

and aye… it be important, very mpo

But without sales

Your bizniz DIES.


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NO-BODY can argue with that.

So it occurred to me that if your Bizniz DOES LIVE or DIE on SALES

(it does)


Why oh why oh why


Why are you not mastering the art and science of seduction and selling?

You say you want to help people get in shape..

But how can you?

When you aren’t committed to studying the very thing that will BRING THEM TO YOU.

Listen, I’m not bothered where you learn it

Books, courses, DVD’s, Seminars…

Even one of those Mush Coookie Goorooz….

But if you’re wondering why you can’t get ahead…

You have the answer now.

I’m here when you’re ready

and I understand that not everyone is ready to start dominating their niche or local area

When YOU ARE ready:


Paul ‘dwarf tosser’ Mort

PS- Disagree with anything I just said?

That’s cool, bro

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