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Winning UgLy (me and Jose)

May 30, 2015

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Man.. I could write about football (soccer)
EVERY damn day

I LOVE that shit

Like Kanye loves himself.

So anyhoo…

Chelsea and ‘the special one’ Jose Mourinho
just wrapped up the Premier League title

Pissed it, too

But they’ve had a bit of a bashing over the
course of the season

For being ‘negative’

and not playing ‘pretty football’

Quite a bit of criticism has come the way of
the manager for the way he sets his team up

Because they “Win Ugly”

Thing is.. he doesn’t give a fuck

The key word here?


‘How’ they’ve done it doesnt really matter

because in sport as in business

you live and you die


take these emails, for example

“Marketing and branding experts”(I use the
“E” word loosely) would tell you my emails

“they should have pictures in them”

my logo

my branding

they’re ugly”

But guess what?

There’s method in the madness…

I won’t bore you with the details today but
take it from me…


I’ll admit they’re BUTT UGLY

but the results speak for themselves


Like Chelsea—> who’s competitors are left
clutching at straws and making excuses

and its the same for the guys in my inner

Like my man Fergal Lawlor (dope name) who
sent me this on Flakebook:

“1 BOOTCAMP full in 24 hours using your
techniques, cheers”

Yup, he’s a man of few words, our Ferga-tron

Join him and our band of ugly emailers here:

Paul “F-UGLY” Mort

PS- new podcast tomorrow

I got a little passionate and dare I say it…

ANGRY on this one

Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled

(Although, I’ve never quite figured out how to peel
either of those body parts)


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