Win A Holiday To Cuba

June 5, 2017

Would you like a five star, all expenses paid, family trip to Cuba?

I bet you f*cking would

But if you’re expecting me to pay for it?

You’re sadly mistaken, amigo

You see, there are lots of people in this world who expect everything for FREE



Even holidays


I prefer to be in control of my life

Which means that I don’t waste my time entering ‘competitions’…

In the hope that someone randomly pulls my name out of a hat

(And gives me something that I haven’t worked for)

If I want to take my family away on an all expenses paid family trip?

I pay for the f*cking thing

Hopefully, you’re the same

And if so?

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Once inside?

I’ll show you how to take full control of your earning potential…

So that you have the money AND time to go away on as many five star family trips as you want

If that sounds like something that your wife and kids would LOVE?

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Paul ‘Winner’ Mort

PS – If you’re NOT the type of dad who wants to provide your family with the very best in life?

(And I’m NOT just talking about money here, amigo)

You’d be a terrible fit for MMIC

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