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This will light a FIRE in you

September 30, 2016

Ross Turner a graduate “Un-caged” #2 sent me this and I have
a feeling it’ll light a fire in your azz OR it will piss you off…

either way.. check it:

“Un-caged changed my life, no bullshit, hyperbole or exaggeration needed.

When I first came to Paul, my life was on crash course for meltdown of epic proportions, I was great at “hustling” at working my arse off for the cash

… My actual real life sucked!

I was on the verge of splitting up with my girlfriend who I love and I’m hoping to make my wife very soon.

My body and fitness goals were in a spiral or constant quit and reset, I had jumped from workout to workout, diet to diet, without any direction or reason why ? I was stuck in the cycle of working out for the sake of it (because that’s what hustlers do)

My focus … Ha! I didn’t have any, I was the most reactionary man on the planet, I had no pause, no off switch and everything triggered and annoyed the fuck out of me, I was an angry young white man, I had no idea what focus was.

Self worth, close to rock bottom, masked by work and bullshit, not dealing with the real issues in my life …

Fun! Getting out at the weekend and doing booze and coke …


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… Because that’s what us hustler do, we grind, make money and burn ourselves to the ground.

Three days in Un-Caged changed my whole world, I learned that I hide in fear if failure, I learned that I blamed others and played the victim and that I allowed my relationships with family members dictate my actions and insecurities.

Paul and the guys at UB showed me what I actually posses …

Passion, heart, soul and a thoughtfulness and caring that I never knew existed.

I wanted a roadmap and plan for my three days with the Un-Caged men, and I came out with so much more, I have no shame in telling you that the tears rolled, and standing toe to toe with these men, being led by Paul has opened up a whole new me …

I’m on track to have my best year ever, the change seen in me by those around me has been widely noticed and by Christmas I am hoping to add Mrs Turner into the family.

Working with the guys and connecting with them as a core group of men, my focus while still needs a ton of work has improved X 100

My body, well in the last three weeks working with one the members I’ve dropped 25lbs, working out less and simplifying what I am doing, I have taken on challenges that I have been previously too scared to attempt.

Just by going through this I have had an affect on people around, including my mrs, just by leading by example.

Unstoppable Bastards and Paul Mort changed my life …

… I would happily walk side by side with all of these men into the darkness knowing exactly what I’d get out of the other side.

For men like me and if you’re reading this and this sounds like you, Un-Caged will be the best thing you do for yourself and those around you.

What else can I say? ^^^

I have ONE spot left for our November experience

If you’re ready for a fundamental shift in the way you operate

Go here:

Paul ‘Big head’ Mort

PS- any questions?

Drop me a text on 07740338786

^ yep, I did just give you my mobile number.. hit me

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