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Why people HATE me

January 16, 2018

I often get accused of being an asshole..





to the point

no BS..

and you know, I’m cool with that

See, it delivers RESULTS

(both for ME and the people that choose to listen)

and thats the game we’re in, my friend

You can sugar coat the sh*t out of life

and continue to try and convince people that

“everything is awesome”…

(Mush cookies do this)

when deep down you know it f*cking SUCKS

you KNOW you can do more

you KNOW you’re capable of so much more

you KNOW you want more

you KNOW you HATE average

yet somehow, along the way….

you came up with the story that ‘it’s not so bad’

How do I know?

Becuz I did the same, chico

Wore a f*cking ‘happy’ mask every damn day…

“I love my job”

“I love my clients”

when I got home?


Sick of the sh*t hours.

Sick of the average money.

Sick of sh*tty clients who didn’t listen to what I said

and then had ZERO loyalty, despite me working my ass off

Then someone called me out….

Would you believe it, a man called me out on MY OWN BULLSH*T

It was a guy at a mastermind in Las Vegas 8-9 years ago now

know what he said to me?

“If you’re as smart as you think you are, why aren’t you rich?”

Hit me like a bag full of hammers, to the testicles…

(Ouch, right?)


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But what i realised at that moment is this…

You CANNOT create CHANGE by telling people what they WANT to hear…

So I swore from then to tell people the TRUTH

no matter how UNCOMFORTABLE that was

for ME.. and for YOU the reader


ONLY when you EXPOSE your current REALITY do you see the true nature of someone

and the reaction I get is one of two things:


1- COVER YOUR EYES and pretend you didn’t read it.

IGNORE your results

(maybe blame them on anyone but you)

oh and unsubscribe from my emails

so you can go back to pretending everything is fine, just the way it it….

2- ACCEPT your current reality for what it is and vow to CHANGE IT…

to do something different

to stop lying to yourself

to NOT accept average



Here if you need me…

but only if you’re ready for THE TRUTH:


Paul ‘asshole’ Mort

PS-  Again, if you’re HAPPY with your current reality

I have ZERO problem with you hitting the unsubscribe link before

My emails aren’t for everyone

My results aren’t for everyone….

and it would save us both time

So feel free to click that button just below

and you’ll never hear from me again




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