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Why I’m such a helmet about this

November 27, 2017

People often wonder why I’m such a harsh bastid when it comes to ‘turning people’ away from joining my inner circle..

Yesterday, I got a question from a dude who joined like a week ago


Then started questioning wether it was going to work as it seemed like a lot of work..

and that, and I quote:

“Right now 200 pounds seems like an extra bit of gas when I’m feeling like there is soooo much to do.”

and my a favourite part:

“Lets get real please!”

Yep^^ you can imagine my response to that little comment, right?

Here’s what I did:

Cancelled his membership

Refunded his fees

Removed him from my email list

See, the rest of the message just smacked of

“I-Know-it-all” and “NEEDINESS”

Neither of which are qualities of people I want to work with…

In fact, the OPPOSITE of people I want to help

I’m not sure how this chump ended up in my program

After all, I’m not exactly SHY about who it IS FOR

and conversely, who it definitely ISNT for…

But it was a timely reminder


You dont have to kiss ass

You dont have to suck up to people just because they give you money


In fact, its the opposite..

You change LIVES

ITS YOU that’s doing other people a favour

NOT the other way around…

<—Get THAT engraved onto your brain


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and it’ll TOTALLY change the way you market, sell and DO bizniz

Listen, their are MORE THAN ENOUGH cool, respectful, open to change, people for you to work with…

Leave the know-it-alls, bottom feeders and chavs to someone else…


the best part?

It’ll also have you attracting the type of people you LOVE working with

UNLIKE this guy..

Who I can GUARANTEE, isn’t reading this

Mainly cuz I took him off my list

(I don’t even want him getting my FREE stuff)

Oh and for the record, there ISNT “sooooo much to do”

It’s very simple:

1- Set up an ad

2- Set up a page that collects emails

3- Send emails

4- Get paid (if the things above are ‘mort style’)

But again, if you can’t be bothered to do this

AND in turn, build a bizniz that kicks ass

Then, I’m afraid…

you’re doomed to a LIFE of 16 hour days…


Alas, there is hope…

and it starts with HOW YOU SELL YOURSELF

and it starts here:


Paul ‘d*ck-wad’ Mort

PS- If this messages offends you or triggers you in anyway

I get it, my style ISNT for everyone

Not everybody likes the TRUTH…

After-all, its not what ‘conventional’ teaching would tell you…

But what I CAN tell you…

is that ‘convention’ DOES NOT WORK

The results are their for all to see…

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