PMP#42 Why I QUIT Podcasting

January 24, 2015

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* Why ‘lose weight’ ISN’T effective marketing anymore and some advice on what IS effective now

* How often should you send emails if you want to get trust and bacon

* THE most important and often overlooked thing to consider when starting a podcast (If you want success)

* Why I QUIT the podcast and SOLD my bizniz

* “Making the Skeleton Dance” for fun and profits

* The BRUTAL truth about what happens when you DON’T send an email

* When the BEST time is to send an email for maximum profits

* How the “So what?” test is CRUCIAL to improving your website, sales copy and email conversion

* The “Peek-a-boo” Syndrome most PT’s suffer from and why its MURDERING your success

* Why charging per hour is CRIPPLING your income and reputation (and what to do about it)

* Why getting more clients is actually “ASS-BACKWARDS” and what you should be doing instead

* Uncle Mortys secret to getting shit done (it’s not what you think)

* The most important FACTOR in getting your emails opened and it has NOTHING to do with your subject line or time

and loads more…

Including really dirty jokes…

My singing voice

and a chat about Michael Jackson Tattoos

Key Takeaways:
1:30 – Paul’s office is too big! Sorry for the echo!
3:00 – Where has Paul been all of this time?
6:17 – Who is Chris Burgess? Well, he’s super posh.
9:00 – Chris will make sure Paul’s show gets uploaded on time and will keep Paul’s mouth in check.
12:45 – Everyday you don’t send an email is a missed opportunity to get paid.
16:45 – Personal trainers charge per hour and Paul says stop doing that! Sell the end result.
19:30 – Paul explains what the ‘So What?’ test is.
24:10 – Most people aren’t in enough pain, so they’re not motivated to achieve their goals.
26:04 – Paul gives you some homework to do. Write what you do everyday and how many hours you do it for.
29:10 – Paul gives you additional questions you should ask yourself after you’ve tracked your time.
31:50 – Do not set your goal for more clients, set your goal for more pounds.


It’s not about what you know, it’s not about who you know; it’s only about what you execute. You only get paid for done.

Pain leads to action, which leads to power.

How can you set a target when you don’t know where you’re standing?


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