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Why bother?

March 23, 2016

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Get out the worlds smallest violin, muchacho

So I’m in a bit of a ‘drift’ right now

Ye olde bipolar resurfaced last week…

and now I have some kinda throat infection

Yep- feeling kinda sorry for myself

See, when this happens…

all the negative shit starts to pop up for me…

(See if you recognise any of this)

I get pissed off

I doubt myself, get a little overwhelmed

Beat myself up

Get frustrated as hell.. get triggered by douchebags on Flakebook, their bragging and “manifestation” hippy bullshit

I have days and days where I wonder if its worth it

No-one signs up for a couple of days and I start to panic a little

Honestly- I even feel like burning shit to the ground

Yup- feel like QUITTING

Why am I telling you this?

well, I have NO DOUBT- that you often feel like this

and all the ‘happy-clappy’ shit makes you feel worse

makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you…

Like you’re some kind of ‘loser’ because you don’t feel
“Incredibly blessed” all of the time


So why bother? Why NOT just burn it all down..

All it takes is a simple: “Fuck it”

Why shouldn’t you just quit?

Because thats EASY, comrade.

Thats what ‘they’— the ‘normal people’

‘they’ don’t get us. Don’t understand us.

They prefer to wander around like zombies.

In their comfort zones.

Quite simply paying bills…

Until they die.

Never REALLY living.

Spending money they haven’t earned, on things
they dont want, to impress people they don’t
even like.

ME and YOU, though amigo.

We aint cut out for a life like that…

We’re fucking different

We’re warriors

Beautiful warriors fighting a war with

Creating kingdoms that WE own. No-one else

Battling our demons to the death

Conquering our deepest fears

Slaying that dragon that tells us to to take
the easy way out.

Fuck that.

That’s one of the reasons I’m so honest with this kind of issue

Because the mush cookies HIDE it…

yep- they’re cracking liars those unicorn worshipers

Me- I have EMPATHY for you my friend..


Because I’ve LIVED it

‘Tiz one of the reasons my “Email Mastery” program is so powerful

Because i KNOW exactly what you go through on a daily basis

The struggles, the stresses, all of the crap that comes with being self employed

and the course is set up VERY simply

I’ll show you what to do to create STUNNING emails that almost force
people to sign up with you..

No ‘manipulation’

Just honest, fun emails…

Check it out here:


Paul ‘no sympathy required’ Mort

PS- Got a cracking email from a fella with a TINY email list
that he hadn’t emailed in like 2 years…

Stay tooned, droogie

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