Why Are YOU Hiding?

March 2, 2017

You may have noticed that I put out a LOT of content

That includes:


Social media posts


TV shows

Even a movie

And as a result?

I often get asked the following question:

“How do you come up with so much content?”


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My answer?

It’s easy

I have a DEEP understanding of my target audience…

And I can relate to that audience through my own PERSONAL experiences

When I talk about the struggles that my readers/followers/’fans’ face?

I know first hand what they’re going through

Which is ONE of the reasons why people gravitate towards ME…

Instead of me having to chase THEM

Unfortunately, most fitness business owners don’t seem to understand this way of doing business


They target EVERYONE with a wallet and a pulse

Which means that they struggle to connect with anyone

Sure, they’ll get a few clients

And they won’t starve

(I hear cat food is pretty filling)

But it’s NO WAY to run a business

Especially if you’re planning on staying in this industry

The good news?

I can help you

I can show you how to identify the right audience for YOU

And I can show you how to turn that audience of strangers into RABID fans…

Who actually WANT to give you money

(And pretty quickly, as well)

The ‘secret’ to doing this?

It lies inside my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’

And luckily for you, hombre…

It’s opening up again this month

I’ll send you more information soon

Paul ‘Content Creator’ Mort

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