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Where There’s Smoke…

November 29, 2016

I’m in London today.

AKA – ‘The Big Smoke’.

Admittedly, it’s NOT my favourite place in the world.

(Too many people, and most of them seem pretty fucking miserable.)

But even so…

I’m willing to ‘suffer’ it.

Because I’m here for a VERY good reason.

I’m attending Dan Sullivan’s ‘Strategic Coach’ programme.


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Which means that I’ll be ‘rubbing shoulders’ with some VERY wealthy business owners…

And coming up with some NEW strategies to take my business(es) to the next level.

(As ‘cheesy’ as that may sound.)

Some people find it strange that I still pay for coaching.

After all, BOTH of my businesses are doing very well.

However, I’m always VERY quick to point out that I wouldn’t be where I am today…

If I wasn’t willing to INVEST in myself.

Because for every investment that I’ve ever made in coaching?

There has ALWAYS been a return.

Which is why I don’t think twice about dropping £8K on something like ‘Strategic Coach’.

(For FOUR one day meetings.)

It’s the same thing for the guys that go through the ‘UB: Uncaged’ experience:


It’s NOT a small investment by any means.

But the ‘return’ on investment for each of them is ENORMOUS.

And not just from a monetary standpoint either.

Each of them has more time.

More energy.

More confidence.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But I’m not gonna bang on about it too much.

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.


I’ll just leave this ‘pretty’ little link here for you to look at:


If you like what you see on the other side…

And you want to have a conversation about YOUR future?

Let me know.

Paul ‘Fired Up’ Mort

PS – If you’re not interested in what I’m offering…

And you’d rather spend ALL of your ‘free’ time trying to figure this stuff out by yourself?

(At the expense of spending time with your wife and kids?)

That’s cool, bro.

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