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What’s A Webinar?

February 6, 2018

As a personal trainer…

There’s a LOT to learn




And sometimes?

It’s easy to forget that other people aren’t as familiar with the ‘jargon’ as you are

(Especially if they’re new to what you’re talking about)


I’m also guilty of this, sometimes

Especially when it comes to marketing

Take last week for example

I announced for the first time in over a year…

That I’m going to be hosting a FREE live webinar for personal trainers


And almost immediately?

I got a load of emails from ‘befuddled’ personal trainers…

Asking what a ‘webinar’ is

Which is a fair question

Because if you’re new to the entrepreneurial game?

You probably have no idea what I’m talking about

So allow me to clear this one up for you

A webinar, is simply an online seminar

I’ll be presenting

You’ll be watching

And I’ll be giving you some INCREDIBLY valuable information

(That you can take away and plug straight into your business)

You won’t have to appear on camera

And you won’t have to talk in front of other people

All you have to do?

Is show up on the day, and take notes

Lot and lots of notes

Because what I’m going to reveal to you?


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Paul ‘Jargon Buster’ Mort

PS – If your business is KILLING it right now?

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c.) Have more fun doing it

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All I’m gonna do, is show you how to make a measly £15K a month

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