What You Up To Today, Bro?

May 27, 2017

It’s Saturday morning, bromigo

But not just any old Saturday morning

It’s a ‘bank holiday’ Saturday

What you up to?

Spending time with the family?

Catching up with friends?

Have some ‘me’ time?

Whatever, it is…

Enjoy it, dude

Unless of course, ‘me time’ is code for ‘working on the business’

In which case, close the f*cking laptop…


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And go do something you LOVE instead

(You might LOVE your business, but there’s a time and a place)

All work and NO play?

Will make you a VERY dull boy

(I know that from personal experience)

So do yourself, your family, and your friends a BIG favour

And close that laptop

(Your ‘work’ will still be there on Tuesday)

Paul ‘You Have My Permission’ Mort

PS – If ‘work’ is dominating your life, right now…

And you really CAN’T close the laptop and leave it until Tuesday?

Someting is wrong, amigo

Very wrong

Luckily for you…

There is a solution:


I hope you get a chance to check it out

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