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What make you any different?

February 21, 2015

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Wuz doing a ‘critique’ for a promotional
video that MMIC member Rob Blackbourne
had created for his bizniz…
Whenever I do critiques like this and indeed
when I create my own marketing content…
the VERY first thing I have to do is put
myself ‘in the shoes’ of the END CLIENT
The ‘target market’, so they say, chico…
and of the questions they ALWAYS have,
especially in fitness
is one of incredible importance and one that
is overlooked by almost everyone…
It’s the one that comes after:
“Whats in this for me?” Wanna guess what it
is, hombre?
Okay, I’ll tell ya —->>>>
<<<-- and it's a BAD-ASS question to ask yourself
right now…
Seriously, compadre
What is it, that makes what you different
form all those guys selling THE SAME THING AS
Think again….
flakebook is COVERED in before and after
photos from Housewives selling Juice Plus
to office workers selling aloe vera
You’re passionate?
Yup, so is that douche down the road.
You care?
Yup- them too
By now you’ve probably figured what i’m ’bout
to do dude…
Whats it gonna take for you to realise that
If you’re COMMITTED to growing your business
then you gotta get committed to the ART of
marketing, sales and strategic seduction.
Just like i teach in my inner circle
Here’s the link (STRICTLY no wimps)
Oh, what makes me different?
Sheesh, Okay I’ll tell ya…. 
Well, Except “Pulling up to the scene with my
ceiling missin”
(hip hop fans will get that)
1– My methods are PROVEN (both by myself, in
the trenches and by my students)
Not THEORY. I don’t ask you to do ANYTHING
I’m not already doing.
2– You’re reading MY emails for a reason
3– I’ll tell you the fucking TRUTH (if
something sucks, I’ll tell you)
4– I wont blow sunshine up your pooper (that
does NO-ONE any good, except the blower..
means you keep paying them)
5– Ill teach you how to HUNT the wolf instead
More on that next week
Here’s that link again:
Paul ‘2chaaainz’ Mort
PS-  SPECIAL podcast episode for you tmorrow
I’ve been ill all week, but was itnerviewed
for “Elite Muscle Radio” with Phil Graham
Until then…
peace and love (or whatever they say)

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