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What happened to Knowlesy

August 31, 2015

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“I’ve learned a HUGE amount about the real
world and practical stuff when it comes to
online marketing & selling. Most importantly
I was encouraged to have the balls to value
what I am worth and charge prices that
attract people I want to work with NOT
cheapskate energy vampires. I am now also
able to convert those leads (in about 15
minutes) into monthly recurring payment
members who stay with me long term. I’ve
built a membership of over 150 people
growing) across sport and fitness and am more
than happy to say that being a part of MMIC
has had (and still has) a direct result on
the success I’ve had to date.

I am now regularly making five figures per
month as a result of taking action on the
advice you gave and doing the work to make
sure things happened.
In short, thank you.

David Knowles”

Just have a gander through that again, my

Mr Knowles here, went from pretty much £0...

to £10,000 + A MONTH with the help of MMIC

(my inner circle)

Pretty fucking bad ass, right?

But let me clear Rhis up…

THIS DOES NOT happen to everyone thats joins


Well, like I’ll explain later this week 

A lot of PT’s that join my inner circle are
looking for that elusive magic pill

That somehow, if they give me money

clients will just **poof** appear out of thin

without them having actually done anything..

Here’s what David did to build a monster biz
from pretty much nothing

1– Figured out WHO to target and ONLY
targeted them

2– Fixed up his shockingly boring website so
that it started to become a lead machine for

3– Didn’t try and to it on the free- invested
a few quid each day in adverts

4– Had the balls to write daily emails

5– Followed up with inquiries and closed them
on the phone using my ‘Easy close’ strategies
from my October 2014 back issue

then did the same again

and again… and again… and again

See, when something works

You don’t need to fuck around changing it

You don’t need to hunt for another ‘magic

You just master the basics

day in day out

Want some of that?

go here:


Paul ‘head bulging’ Mort

PS- Knowlsy’s actually not in MMIC anymore,
despite all that success

I’m been trying to lure him back in with my
wicked ways

But to no avail..(so far)

God loves a trier… right?

I miss that bad-ass

Come on Knowlesy laaad


Link: http://marketingmuscleinnercircle.com


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