What Do YOU Specialise In?

March 16, 2017

Lemme ask you a question, squire

If you found out that you had a brain tumour, tomorrow…

Would you let your GP remove it for you?


What about your dentist?


How about a local foot surgeon?

(They’re a surgeon, right?)

Still a ‘no’?


I’m guessing that you’d want someone more SPECIFIC

Someone with an EXACT skillset to solve your EXACT problem

Someone like…

A brain surgeon?


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There we go

Got there in the end

I suppose it was pretty obvious that THAT was the answer, wasn’t it?

However, if offering an EXACT solution to an EXACT problem is SO obvious…

Why do so many personal trainers do the exact OPPOSITE?

Fat loss

Muscle gain

Strength and conditioning




The list goes on

The average personal trainer tries to ‘specialise’ in EVERYTHING

Which means that they specialise in NOTHING

The truth is, amigo…

If you wanna make the ‘big bucks’?

And if you wanna stay in this industry for a LONG time?

(Unlike the majority of your ‘competitors’)

You’re gonna have to specialise in something

My question to YOU?

What is that ‘something’ gonna be?

Paul ‘Give It Some Thought’ Mort

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