What Are You Really Selling?

May 22, 2017

If you want to confuse a newly qualified personal trainer?

(Or any small business owner, for that matter)

Ask them WHAT they’re selling

The first time you ask them?

You’ll get the same old answers:

“Exercise and diet advice”

(Or something similar)

But if you follow that up with:

“What are you really selling?”

Very few personal trainers will be able to answer that question

The reason?

Most personal trainers DON’T actually know what they’re selling

It really is that simple, amigo

You see, as an industry?

We’re so focused on the ‘product’…

(Personal training)

That we often forget about the RESULTS of what we’re offering

And even then, the results go a LOT deeper than ‘drop a dress size’

Luckily for you, mon ami, I’ll show you EXACTLY what you’re selling…

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Once inside?

I’ll show you what your clients REALLY want…


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And then, I’ll show you how to SELL it to them

(Hint – it’s NOT ‘exercise and diet advice’)

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You know the drill

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Paul ‘Results Driven’ Mort

PS – If you’ve got NO interest in improving your service…

By learning more about what your clients actually want?

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