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The weird animal that bucks itself to death

January 23, 2017

Came across an article a while back now

about a new species of mammal discovered in Australia

they all it the “black-tailed antechinuses”

and the most fascinating thing about it?

it quite literally bucks itself to death

they are at it for up to 14 hours at a time… so much so that the stress hormones rocket so high their immune system collapse and they drop down dead

Insane eh? ^^


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reminds me of all of these ‘hustlers and grinders’

who incidentally also regularly pull 14 hours

living what I’d describe as the ‘STRUG LIFE’
(more on that next week)

but the only thing they’re f*cking is THEMSELVES

mainly cuz they don’t have time for anyone else in their lives

I get it though…

truth be told that used to be me

(I was ALWAYS worrying about everything falling apart and what people would think)

Until I figured out a better way

one that involved SLOWING DOWN

Not being a VICTIM to my thoughts

and living in CHAOS, mentally

this way involved making STRATEGIC decisions that suited ME..

The result?

Not just a better, more streamlined (and more profitable) business

but I got in shape
kicked bipolars ass
and my relationship with my wife and 2 kids became CRAZY powerful and connected

and was able to SWITCH off and be PRESENT when I was around other people

rather than being that dick that’s GLUED to his phone

Want to learn how?

so that you can have the above^^

go here (its filling up FAST)

Paul ‘top shagger’ Mort

PS- If you’re cool bucking yourself to death whilst neglecting everyone around you

then honestly,

you may as well unsubscribe

I can’t help you

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