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Watch out for these 5 Email Errors..

December 19, 2013

Ya know I’m a BIG fan of email when it comes
to gaining that good ole’

Know, Like and trust.

I’ve posted a ton of emails and studies
‘proving’ how awesome emails is and like i

In my Lean Greens biz’niz emailing regularly
and using my technique has increased retail
sales by over 40%.

My coaching clients, some of them make a sale
EVERY time they send an email.

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So yer. I love this shizznit. Anyhoo, after I sent the mail about ‘CCing’ I got a ton of questions about how to write kick ass emails… but more specifically, what to AVOID doing. See, most fitness biz’niz’s do it wrong. They end up not seeing a return on the work they put into doing it hence, they just give up and don’t bother. I get it. No-one teaches how to ‘do it right’ Click here to subscribe to my mailing list
So here goes, dood:

1- Lots of pictures and graphics.

Effective email should look like it’s come
from a friend.

If it looks like a ‘newsletter’, it looks
like its from a company…

which means you’re probably gonna try and
sell me something.


This is the #1 mistake most fitpros make.images-2
They fire out good BUT bland ‘information’.

People don’t really want information. They
want entertnainment.

So blend your info with a story and you win

3- Links back to social media in or at the
end of the email.

In my inbox, you have my attention.

Sending me back to flakebook is like having
me at the checkout and sending me to another


4-Not emailing enough.

If you mail out less than once a week..
you’re just reminding me to unsubscribe.

’nuff said, hulkster.

5- A straight up sell, sell, sell.

It’s okay to do a straight up pitch
sometimes, IF you’ve EARNED it by sending my
USEFUL stuff that i like to read.

But honestly, brah.. some doods ONLY email when
they have something to pitch in my face.

You get that too right?

Talking of pitches…

I’ll be spending a LOT of time teaching how
to profit from emails in as littler as 20
minutes a day…

as part of the masterminds for members of my
inner circle.

More info here dood:

Paul ‘mailbox’ Mort

PS- Black Dog is lifting a little today so
expect a big rant style email about
‘marketing calendars’ tomorrow

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