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Was It Worth It?

December 27, 2017

This week, all over the UK, the ‘sales’ are on

And just like every other year…

People are mobbing their local stores in search of bargains

Some will have an idea of what they want

And if the price is right?

They’ll end up saving themselves a few quid

The others?

Bargain hunters

They’re not looking for anything specific

But it they can find something with a big enough discount?

They’ll end up buying it

(Even if they DON’T need it)

The question I always have to ask, is:

Was the discount worth it?

The traffic?

The parking?

The crowds?

The queuing?

Was the discount really worth enduring all of that HASSLE?

(Not to mention all of the TIME that it took)



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I’d actually pay money to AVOID that sh*t

Which is why I don’t get excited by ‘sales’

If I see something I like?

I buy it, whether there’s a discount or not…

Because I’m happy to pay for QUALITY

MOST people are the same

(They’d all be driving around in sh*tty cars, and wearing second hand clothes if they weren’t)

Which is why I think personal trainers are INSANE when they offer discounts on their services

See, whether you like to admit it or not…

Personal training is a LUXURY

And offering a discount on a luxury service?

Attracts the WRONG type of client

I’m not saying that you can’t help people who can’t afford you

But you can do that by putting out FREE content

(Just like I do)

When it comes to your paid services, though?

You should NEVER offer a discount

It’s up to you though, dude

I’m just trying to save you some hassle

Paul ‘Quality Over Quantity’ Mort

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And attracting the ‘wrong’ type of client?

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