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Want so start your own podcast?

May 24, 2015

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As usual, hombre..Sunday is podcast day…

and episode #56 of my show just dropped over on itunes

Here’s what I drop bombs (yes, I just said that) about
this week:

* What happened when I QUIT my Facebook
account (again)

* When and why you SHOULD NOT do a podcast
(17 mins)

* Why you’re REALLY in bizniz, regardless of
what the ‘goorooz’ say

* Why the mush cookies are liars

* Me, quoting Tony Robbins.. (yes, really)

* The simple 4 step ‘test’ to decide wether
you should bother with a podcast

* #1 CRUCIAL mistake most podcast creators
make thats costing them A LOT of money

* The “retarded badge of honour” and what it
tells me

* Should you start a podcast? The “Pros and

* Why I started a podcast, how I did it, and
what happened

* The surprising reasons I TURN DOWN
interview requests

* Diluted you vs Concentrated you (and which
one is more powerful)

* The BRUTAL truth about how to get EPIC
guests for your podcast (including me) that
the ‘goorooz’ would NEVER tell yo

* How I got KILLER ‘contacts’ in fitness and
how you can do the same

* How to get people to promoted your product
for you (except me)

* My #1 FAVOURITE (and profitable) reason to
do a podcast.. it’s not what you think

* How to use a podcast to grow your email
list organically

* The cool benefits of having ‘guests’ on
your podcast

* The radical truth about WHY I keep doing my
podcast (most people would never admit this)

* A powerful (and profitable) way to build
TRUST with your voice?

* How to cut through the bullshit and lies in
the fitness industry, REALLY quick

* “Attention” and what it means do your bank

* Tiesto, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dirty
Uncle Morty… really?

* What you should talk about, what you
shouldn’t talk about and how to make sure you
actually make money from a podcast

* Hear me get passionate on the BIGGEST
MISTAKE you’ll make with your podcast (and
all your other content)

* How to become a local CELEBRITY, fast with
your own radio shouw

* Leveraging ‘important local people’ for
your own benefit (shock-horror-truth)

and a whole lot of other random, crazy shit
from my money making mind

Check out episode #56 here:


Paul ‘podface’ Mort

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Honestly though…..

If you want do, do it. 

If not, fuck it

I think its awesome.

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