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Vision boards? Try this instead

March 22, 2016

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My droogy and podcast guest Kevin Nations
posted something on the old ‘book of face’
last year that really got my knickers in a

In fact, I disagreed with what I first read:

Kevin Nations:

“Here’s a Math Exercise. Take all the money
you’ve earned from January 1 until now.

Multiply by 4 That is how much you’ve chosen
to earn this yea

Pretty bold statement right, babycakes?

Your Uncle Morty was like “Shut the hell up

In fact, some brave lady tried to shut him
down with a “I’m gonna do XYZ.. so that’s
totally wrong”


Kevs reply was insane and was where the REAL
HAND GRENADE of truth was let out…

{— Strap yourself in, amigo.. this might hurt — }

(1) Next week is the end of FIRST QUARTER

(2)People tend to continue to DO what they
are now DOING.

(3) Many people fantasise that what they SAY
they are going to do trumps what they are NOW
DOING. That rarely happens.

(4) So – the most likely mathematical
approximation of your year is to take first
quarter – multiply by 4. Today marks the end
of 1Q.

Put whatever you want on your VISION BOARDS –
just make sure you put THIS NUMBER (YTD sales
multiplied by FOUR) on your REALITY BOARDS.

Because – statistically speaking – THIS IS
YOUR 2016 INCOME right before your eyes.

^^^ INCREDIBLY powerful stuff ^^^

Shit kinda hurts a little right..?

Specially the bit about the ‘REALITY boards’

I mean, my numbers are GREAT for the first

VERY happy with them.

I’m earning more bacon now than I EVER though
possible when I was a full time P.T in a gym
OR when I was just starting out with my group training

But man, this has put a range rover sized
rocket up my ass.

See, sometimes we need to be told things we
DONT want to hear.

To create change.

We accept AVERAGE for way too long.

FUCK average, comrade. Thats for the zombies.

You’re better than that.

You change lives. You INSPIRE people. You
DESERVE to earn the big bucks.

Something HAS to change IF you WANT to make
the bacon that provides you and your family
with an incredible lifestyle.

and in the case of a fitness bidniz?

That change MUST be your approach to your
marketing and sales process…



Well, chico..

Your Business LIVES AND DIES


Not on how many followers you have…

or how many people are in your Flakebook group


Which of course, is a reflection of how many people you help

Wanna help more people?

Go here:

WARNING: Its NOT for the faint hearted

I’m off to tear up my vision board!

Paul ‘fired up’ Mort

PS- That video of Episode 10 of my TV SHOW now is now up
on the old Flakebook

here’s the link

oh and I’ve made a GIANT, deliberate MISTAKE in this email

any idea what it is?

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