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​Viking Crush…

May 28, 2015

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I ain’t into history all that much

Fact is, I’m a bit of a retard on that subject 

But Mrs Morts favourite TV show is “Vikings”
(Lots of sex and fighting- so yer, I kinda
like it too)

So once a week I get my ‘history’
edu-ma-cation on

truth be told amigo, the main female character
“Lagatha” is SMOKING hot…

and I have a crush on here

But don’t tell the wife (not that she’s the
jealous type)


It’s basically a show about viking culture
and how the vikings came to ‘raid’ the rest
of Europe

Starting with England and, weirdly enough…

The first place they raided, was

Which just so happens to be right next to
where your Uncle Mort-face resides

But here’s what’s cool about the show

and where the ‘lesson’ is for you, chico…

The Vikings life was a constant struggle, cuz
they only raided ‘East’ where people also had

and the lands were barren…

Then the main character “Ragnar Lothbrook”
(total bad-ass, FYI)

Decides that he’s had enough of that shit

AND he has a ‘guide’, well.. whats known as a
‘Compass’ nowadays

(Viking sat-nav, if you will)

The result?


Gold, silver and more power for our Viking

See dude… change and success starts with
**two things**

saying “Fuck this, it isn’t working”

from where you’re currently operating


Getting someone, or some thing…

To GUIDE YOU to where you want to go

or and of course

DAILY FUCKING BATTLES with your own doubts

your own limiting beliefs

and your own stories

not to mention your competition

but it starts with


and YOUR TOLERANCE for average

I got the tools right here:


Paul ‘No beard’ Mort

PS- The show is really dope…

you should check it out


Yes, you’re allowed to watch TV

The goorooz can eat a dick…

a bowl of them, in fact

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