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UK Personal Trainer of the Year 2014

April 11, 2014

Few weekends ago MMIC member Charlotte Ord was
crowned UK Personal Trainer of the Year.

For the second time.

Pretty awesome achievement that’s opened all
sorts of doors for her.

Like The Biggest Loser.

and being sponsored by Maximuscle

and Reebok.

She’s about to open her second location too.

But guess what, babycakes?

She ‘gets it’

She understands that all of those
achievements and accolades mean JACK SHIT if
you don’t market.

and market WELL.

You gotta understand the concept of buying

Getting them onto an email list.

and putting out content. (Chars a daily

Building relationships AWAY from Flakebook.

and playing the ‘long game’ rather than
looking for quick fixes and doing discounts

just go ‘get people in’

she’s learned a TON of this stuff since
joining Marketing Muscle Inner Circle.

“That bonus video is BRILLIANT. Am really
loving the MMIC. Its like a game every day-
how many subscribers/sign ups can I get today
be tweaking this and that”

NOTE: Not, how many “Bootcamp tonight, get
yourself along” status updates can you put

Cuz that ain’t really a strategy.

It just looks needy

In MMIC we teach the art of ‘Reverse

Because confidence… well, its almost
irresistible, amigo.

and has people knocking down doors to work
with you.

Mainly coz you tell them they cant work with

(more on that next week)

Just look at James Bacon

“Just wanted to give you and Tim a big thumbs
up. Since joining MMIC i have tripled my
monthly income”

^^^ FUCK (even uncle Morty was suprised) ^^^

If that ain’t enough motivation to stop being
a pussy

Then I’m not sure what else I can do.

But yer, MMIC is expensive. Too expensive for
most Personal Trainers.

and probably not your cup of tea.

So don’t bother clicking this link:

Paul ‘See what I just did?’ Mort

PS- We also have LAST years UK PT of the Year
Sam Hanney in MMIC too…

So yer, you could say that we’re only for
trainers who are SERIOUS about their bizniz.

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