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How uGlY dudes get more chicks than you

November 23, 2016

When I was a teenager walking around with a permanent semi on

(I used to have to tuck that shit into my waistband- so it didn’t take someones eye out)

When I first started hitting bars and clubs

the whole ‘dating’ game FASCINATED me…

Sure ….

most other teenage dudes were the same too, like girls on the mind (and hopefully other places) 24/7

Two things that always freaked me out through where

A- How hot girls were always attracted to butt munchers(will email on this later)



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B- How some of the ugliest dudes I knew were getting laid…

I mean there’s my rocking my Ben Sherman shirt, my levi jeans and my ‘kickers’

drinking ‘Hooch’ and all sorts of other weird alco-pops like the coolest kid in town

and these ugly dudes were getting laid waaay more than I was at the time

(remember, rubbing one out doesn’t count as getting laid)

One of my ugliest friend’s was UNBELIEVABLE for this

Like kissing 5,6 7 girls a night back then.. and usually taking one home

and you know what I figured out?

Ugly dudes like my friend…

got laid and ‘pulled’ women because of two things that made them STAND OUT from the posers like me…

who just stood there, looking pretty

1- They were FUNNY as hell

2- they were CONFIDENT

and ya know, women seem to totally DIG both of those traits

its the same with marketing

Most PT’s just ‘stand there, looking pretty’

blending in with everyone else

wondering why they can’t attract more clients, make more sales and be more in demand

Like I keep saying amigo…

it’s down to COURAGE and CONFIDENCE

The courage to be yourself, be funny, have a blast

and the CONFIDENCE to ‘put yourself out there’ to send emails, to pay for adverts, to produce videos

ALLLLL of this comes down to mindset

in fact the WHOLE game of BUSINESS and LIFE comes down to this

yet, despite fitness pro’s banging on about mindset all of the time

they just don’t take care of their own…

so they choose to STAY IN THE STRUGGLE

Do you want out, dude?

Just so happens, I’ve RADICALLY transformed my own mindset and the mindsets of 16 other dudes in my intense experience known as “Uncaged”

you can check it out here:

Paul ‘Willy in my waistband’ Mort

PS- To be totally honest, if you’ve seen Mrs Mort

you’ll see I’m punching above my weight.. I can only assume its because I’m hilarious and I have a huge..

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