UFC 202 for Personal Trainers - The Paul Mort Podcast

UFC 202 for Personal Trainers

August 25, 2016

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Wether you’re a fight fan or not, this email will help you’re cute azz

One of the best fights I’ve ever seen went down at the weekend

Nate Diaz V Conor Mcgregor

Man, what a war

Diaz had already beaten Mcgregor back in March despite taking the fight on 11 day notice

So the re-match had everyone talking

Side note: Both of these guys talk A LOT of smack before fights (which Uncle Morty kinda likes FYI)

Anyhoo, it was a VERY close call

a back and forth battle with a lot of blood

and a controversial decision which Mcgregor took in the end via Majority decision

My opinion?

Probably a draw, but my opinion is irrelevant anyway

But here’s the thing.. (take note here for your fitness biz)

All the Diaz fans are saying Conor did a lot of ‘running’

IE: He avoided a lot of Diaz’s shots and refused to go to ground…

Which in my humble opinion was SMART

In fact VERY smart..

Why on earth, when you’re having SUCCESS… would you go to a place where you would probably LOSE? (Diaz is an ANIMAL at Ju-Jitsu)

Read that again dude ^^^^

Like when you’re trying to sell your services and programs

You can have the VERY best program in the world, the most amazing service or online training

But if you don’t know how to SELL it…

Well, you lose

Every time…

It’s why GREAT Personal Trainers and Gym Owners go broke

Its so simple. If you can’t sell it… then people won’t buy it

Just so happens I’m a ‘ninja’ at selling

and I reveal all here:

MMIC Sales Page (July 2016)

Paul ‘More like KFC than UFC’ Mort

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