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Two birds, one stone.. wtf?

December 29, 2015

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The “Two birds, one stone thing”

has that EVER happened?

I mean, I haven’t thrown a stone at one bird, never mind tried to hit 2

(unless you count Vicky West, when I was 8 years old)

Anyhoo… this email is going to attempt to hit two birds

Mainly cuz I fucked up yesterday

1– My email yesterday said that the price of MMIC was getting jacked up this coming Sunday

but that was WRONG….

It actually goes up TOMORROW at 10pm UK time

Go here before that happens:

2– The original email I was supposed to send was this one:

Got an email from member Russ, a few weeks back:

“Just got my MMIC newsletter through there, so
cancelled everything I can today (like I
always do on newsletter day) to get this shit

I want to say thank you too, my marketing is
going really well just now. In 10 days I have
103 leads who have completed a pre coaching
questionnaire for a free coaching call (sales
call). So I now have a bit of a champagne
problem haha, I have too many leads to call
them all, so I have a team together to phone
all of them and book them in for a PAID
seminar where I am going to sell to them all
at once.

Thanks again mate,


So what did Russ do?

Well first up- he invested in a proven program to help him get (and close) more leads
into his business

(103 in 10 days, to be precise)

Secondly- he TOOK ACTION on what was being taught

In this case

He built some paid ads

that pointed to a page that ‘collected’ email addresses

and then- he sent daily emails




Although it blows my mind how many PT’s join MMIC and do NOTHING… but anyway…

No fancy bollocks, no ‘rebrand’, no spending 24/7 in a flakebook group dealing with free loaders

Just simple, PROVEN strategies.. that I use in MY OWN BUSINESS

Get on board here, before the price goes up tmorrow:

Paul ‘stoning birds since 1980’ Mort

PS- Just got back from a spa break with Mrs M…

Will fill you in tomorrow

not ALL the details obvsiouly .. wink-wink

well, i might…

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