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The Tubby Trainer who’s makin bacon

October 23, 2017

WARNING: DO NOT get this twisted, babycakes

This email is NOT for one moment saying that you shouldn’t be in shape as a personal trainer and take care of your body

That sh*t is VERY important

But there’s something else thats MUCH more important

and its the reason why ‘out of shape’ trainers are making more money than ‘athletes’- and i use that term loosely

Lemme splaineth, your honour

‘Mr X’

I’m not telling you his name as he’ll be REALLY embarassed

Bad-ass trainer

But struggles with his weight

LOVES a night out, his clients (who get insane results) LOVE him too

This dude is crushing it right now

Like MURDERING his competition

Who, in turn… are talking A LOT of sh*t about Mr X

“He’s fat, why would you listen to him?”

“If you aren’t in shape yourself, how can you possibly tell other people what to do?”

He’s creaming it in…

His competition are eating f*cking cat food


They’re obsessed with THEMSELVES.

He is obsessed with the people he can  help

They post ENDLESS shirtless (and hairless) pics of themselves after ‘smashing’ their workout..

He writes articles and puts out videos about how he struggles with my demons

They brag how they never drink, except green tea

He teaches how to enjoy yourself and still lose weight

They post generic motivational quotes

He posts funny videos, often poking fun at himself

They post pictures of themselves passed out by the barbell they just ‘crushed’

He posts emotional stories about the clients he’s helped

They spend time trying to impress other trainers with big words and pictures of their tupperware

He INVESTS time in learning how to ‘speak the language’ and ‘get into the heads’ of his clients and potential clients

They’re obsessed with how many likes, shares and followers they get

He send’s daily email and gets paaaaid (obviously)

It comes down to this, hombre

and OF COURSE, it depends on WHO you’re trying to help

But Mrs Smith, with the saggy ar*e, bloated belly and husband that can’t get a hard on

Doesnt give a SH*T about your ‘photo shoot’

Mrs Stephens, who is TERRIFIED of exercising as she’s lost her confidence

Doesnt give a f*ck that you can “stack the hack squat machine”

See, Mr X has EMPATHY

He understands the ‘conversation’ that his prospects have with themselves

He understands that not everyone loves exercising and eating out of tupperware

and that the VERY PEOPLE who need his help are being PUT OFF by his competition

and MR X is laughing all the way to the bank

Lets cut to the chase here, droogie

Mr X is trying his best to get in shape

Mr X is also a member of MMIC

In fact, he sent me this last week:


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“Uncle Morty, I don’t need anything.

Just wanted to say that MMIC is HANDS DOWN the best investment I’ve made in my business.

Even better than the 5k mentoring program I did with you know who.

Since I started daily emailing I’ve been able to spend less and less time on Facebook and don’t give a sh*t about the haters anymore”

Wanna join Mr X?

you don’t have to grow man boobs or a muffin top

or anything like that

But you do have to stop following the crowd

Because the crowd are struggling to make ends meet

Not the guys in here that listen and take action though:

Paul ‘Belfie’ Mort

PS – If you’ve sent me a message recently…

And you’re wondering why I haven’t got back to you?

It’s because I’ve been in Dubai with the family

(I wrote this email BEFORE I left)

I fly back in tomorrow, though…

And I’ll get back to you before the end of the week

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