Truncheon Extension… another car crash - The Paul Mort Podcast

Truncheon Extension… another car crash

January 29, 2015

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I aint a bad drive.. Honest
4 months ago I was involved in a car crash
Nuttin too bad, but my little Boy Max was in
the car
Anyhoo, got a phone call last week from my
insurance company
They were wanting to “write off” my car..
£40,000 of Range Rover Sport (yes, a truncheon extension)
I was confused :-{} <- thats my 'puzzled' face
See, the only damage that the car suffered
was to the wheel and the bumper
and they wanted to write it off…
Then it fell into place, hombre
Because they’d been fucking around for so
long and trying to save money (the guy who’s
fault it was, is insured by them too)
Your Dirty Uncle Mort-face had racked up a
£25,000 HIRE CAR bill
that THEY had to pay for.
and by the time my car was eventually fixed
it was going to cost them MORE in hire car
charges than it was to repair my car.
Of course, I said NO
I fucking love that car.
and I wanted to see them squirm for messing
me about so much.
The moral of this story?
Every moment you wait and DONT take action
Every moment your procrastinate
Every day you try and ‘do it on the cheap’
and every day you try and figure it out
That you could be CREATING
if you just had the balls to invest in a
marketing EXPERT
IN this case, I’d reccommend me…
But I’m kinda biased
as well as like… super sexy
Paul ‘Truncheon Extension’ Mort
PS- Hey…..
Because I’m a total BRAGGER
and like to show everyone my penis extension
You never know, maybe it’ll give you some
Here’s a pic of me motor…
you might see why I love that bitch:

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