It’s Time To Wake Up, Amigo

April 4, 2017

Get up, amigo

You’ve got a BUSY day ahead

An early start

A late finish

A quiet period in the afternoon

And if you’re lucky?

Some quality time with the family before your ‘late’ sessions begin

If that works for you…

And you’re happy?

Carry on as you are, my friend

But let me ask you this:

Is it sustainable?


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And will you STILL be happy in twelve month’s time?

See, if there’s one thing that I’ve learnt in my MANY years of running successful businesses…

Making money ISN’T difficult

(Despite what the average personal trainer may tell you)

But what CAN be difficult, is achieving ‘balance’

Sixteen hour workdays might seem ‘acceptable’ now…

But long term?

You’ll probably start to resent them

And when you do?

You’ll probably start to resent your ‘job’

The good news?

There’s an easy fix

All you need to do, is start a ‘bootcamp’

But NOT just any old bootcamp…

(Where a bunch of random strangers turn up, pay £3, and do press ups in a dog sh*t covered field)

I’m talking about a ‘big-money bootcamp’, where you can make up to £4K a month for EVERY hour timeslot that you work…

Whilst offering your members a first class service, that they CAN’T get anywhere else

If that sounds like something you might be interested in?

Click the link below:

And I’ll tell you more

Paul ‘Woke’ Mort

PS – If working long ar*e days and sacrificing valuable family time…

(That you’ll NEVER get back)

IS your long term plan?

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