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Time For A Reality Check

August 30, 2017

Every day, including Saturday and Sunday…

I send you an email

And inside each email, is a useful hint, tip, or piece of advice…

For you to use in YOUR business

Hopefully, if you’ve been reading these emails for some time…

You’ve been using these tips

And if you have?

Your business should be going from strength to strength

If you haven’t?

You need to ask yourself the following question:

Why not?

Is it because the advice is FREE, and you don’t value it?

Is it because the things I talk about seem a bit ‘advanced’, and therefore too difficult?

Or, is it because you think the marketing methods I suggest and recommend won’t work for you and your business?

Whatever it is, it all amounts to the same thing:


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And the stories that you’re telling yourself, amigo…

Are damaging your business

Luckily for you, this is something that I cover in my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:


Once inside?

I’ll show you how to:

1.) Stop sabotaging your business

2.) Give yourself the best possible chance of success

3.) Focus on reality, instead of the thoughts taking place inside your head

If that sounds good?

Click on the link below:


And I’ll show you how to get started

Paul ‘Story Slayer’ Mort

PS – If you’d prefer to let the false stories in your imagination dictate your reality…

That’s your choice, dude

But you’d be a terrible fit for MMIC

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