The End. [video] - The Paul Mort Podcast

The End. [video]

May 31, 2016

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It’s been a total blast and I’ve loved every minute

but its now come to The End.

the FINAL episode of my online TV show “UBTV” aired over on the olde Flakebook

You can check it out here:

It’s an emotional one…

So why am I ‘cancelling’ the show?

Well, it’s kinda exciting

Instead of the weekly TV show, I’ll be putting together


See, while the TV show has given you an insight into my life

(NOT just the ‘good stuff’ like the mush cookies, but the shit, too)

It’s about time you saw what becoming an Unstoppable Bastard is all about

from an ‘insiders’ point of view

So later in June I’ll be releasing unseen footage from Unstoppable Bastards- Uncaged

The 3 day transformative experience for the “First 5” who stepped into the game with me

Mike Sweeney
Lynton Dell
Simon Gwilliam
Peter Lant
and Sam Stocks

(feel free to hit those guys up, by the way)

It’s going to be an absolute doozy of a documentary…

hopefully won’t be long till we get it out there

so stay tuned, my friend

In the meantime…

If you’ve EVER thought about working with me PERSONALLY as your coach

AND think Unstoppable Bastards might be for you…

Hit me up

Uncle Morty

PS- Here’s a TRAILER of the documentary


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