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(Do this/Not That) Getting Up In Your Grill

December 24, 2013

we’re almost there…

up at 3am wtih excited kids, chocolate for

rushing round to see family then eating the
ultimate roast dinner, followed by passing
out on the sofar.

I’m not going to do the whole ‘fake thank
you’ email that I’ve had from other goorooz.

Not that I ain’t grateful you read my emails,

but I’ll not be happy till you APPLY what am

and you make more cheddar as a result.

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So listen, I‘m gonna get all up in your
grill and give you some ‘Do-this-NOT-that’ doozys to
make you have a good, STRONG think.images

about wether 2014 is REALLY gonna be that
different for your biz’niz.

Becuz Like i said last week, if nowt changes,
nowt changes.

Stop Blindly following what other people are doing

Start– Working on being yourself, delivering
a SPECIFIC result for a SPECIFIC group of people…
with your own unique message

Stop- Trying to get ‘famous’ with likes and

Start-Building an email list

Stop- Fearing looking silly in front of your
family and friends

Start-Taking MORE risks, forget what the doubters think.
Risk is wherethe growth is.

Stop- Being ‘professional’, boring and

Start– Being yourself- its the fastest way to
stand out from the crowd

Stop- Lowering your prices to be competitive

Start– Charging what you’re worth so you

Stop- Looking for a magic pill for your

Start– Getting the basics right (this
BONUS podcast will get you started

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/paul-mort-podcast-fitness/id727763849 )


Stop- Constantly trying to get NEW clients

Start- Figuring out how you can make more money
from your CURRENT clients who already dig yo shit.

Stop- Seeking permission and validation

Start– Just putting your ‘stuff’ out there
into the world.

Stop- Spending so much time on social media

Start– Spending more time putting out GREAT CONTENT

Stop- Blaming other people, the recession and
your circumstances

Start– Taking responsibility for your own income

Stop- Doing JUST free things like webinars,
hangouts,podcasts and FB groups

Start– ‘Putting some skin in the game’ and investing
in yourself and yo biz’niz

Talking of which…

I just had a SURGE of people join me n my
Marketing Muscle Inner Circle in time for

It’s probably not your thing though


Paul ‘Stop/Start’ Mort

PS- Merry Christmas and all that jazz…

I’ll email you again on the 27th so you can
get moving

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