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This one time

April 25, 2016

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This one time… (not at bandcamp- I ain’t that cool)

I landed in California after a long-ass flight

and my luggage was still in London

it contained my clothes, the stuff I needed for the course i was on

AND (this is the best part) my Bi-polar and asthma meds

So yer babcycakes, it was kinda eventful

Especially bearing in mind I’d dropped serious bacon on the course

and was going to be boxing a big dude…

I know right?

Anyhoo.. Episode 15 of my online TV show is on what happened on that eventual trip

in fact—> I had my camera guy WITH me on this trip

Here’s the link to check it out:

If you’ve been to events and wasted money

or you’ve been disappointed with masterminds you’ve joined

then you’ll love this one:

Uncle Morty

PS- Sorry its late.. I’ve been getting ready for my first

“Unstoppable Bastards Un-caged” 3 Day Exeperience..

and we’re starting in 10 minures

Things will NEVER be the same for these 5 guys coming in

Will share more later in the week

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