this is disappearing on FRIDAY [last chance saloon] - The Paul Mort Podcast

this is disappearing on FRIDAY [last chance saloon]

September 23, 2015

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So I’m just about to hop on a flight to
California for a couple of days masterminding
with my coach, Garret J White and the guys at
“Wake up Warrior”

But before I board this bitch, I wanted to
letcha know that you only have a couple of days
to get your hands

On the latest MMIC newsletter and Audio Training

It’ll disappear this coming Friday, bro-slice

Here’s whats inside this action packed rascal:

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* 9 Big-Hitting Lessons you can apply to
YOUR bizniz from my own BLOCKBUSTER £72k
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selling HIGH END programs with my own coach,
Mr Garrett J White…you will NOT find sales
training like this ANYYWHERE else

* Everything you need to know about starting
and EXPLODING an email list of RED HOT LEADS

* How Garrett charges $15k a WEEK for Warrior
and the steps he takes to position himself as
THE MAN when it comes to transformation

* The controversial truth about what happens
when you send MORE emails (like 4 in one day,
which the goorooz would NEVER reccomend)

* My #1 SINGLE objective of any website I own
and how to USE that to put money in your

*The ONLY 3 way’s I’d build a website that
DON’T cost a fortune, but DO build your email
list with just a little effort

* The 5 minute squeeze page (real-life

* The 5 CRUCIAL elements to a ‘squeeze’ page
for BIG ASS conversions and an EXPLOSION in
your email list

* What to use as your “Ethical Bribe”, “Tribe
Magnet” or “Give-away” to almost force people
to give you their email address (Page 8)

* How to craft ‘Neck-Snapping Headlines’ that
draw the reader in and get them excited to
read the rest of your site/page

* 12 ‘swipe and steal’ weight loss headlines
you’re free to use for your own fun (and

* Why a picture (and whats in it) increases
conversions DRASTICALLY

* Why your bullet points SUCK… and what to
do about it (so that they people salivating
over your offers)

* How to know your website actually WORKS (or
not) and how to fix it so that you aren’t
pissing money away

* Why you SHOULD NEVER host your website
videos on YouTube–> unless you want to send
people to your competitors

* Why using the word “Amazing” is KILLING
your conversions (the goorooz don’t even know

* The only 5 things you need to do each day,
to make sure you’re on track to build a kick
ass bizniz (and lifestyle)

and a SHIT TON more powerful training that
will blow ANYTHING

that the ‘fitness business coaches’ have to
offer out of the water…

as long as you ain’t one of those wet willies
that joins for a month and does jack shit, that is..

go here:

Paul ‘Yes, my bullets ROCK’ Mort

PS- If you’re struggle to grow (or even
start) an email list

and are sick of shitty opt in rates on your
squeeze pages

then this is the one for you

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