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They’re changing the rules..(again)

February 27, 2014

MMIC member Liam Thompson and my
‘go to’ website guy..

Sent me this article yesterday about Facebook.

So what? I hear you cry, squire.

The article basically says that
Facebook have pulled the plug on their
email system..

Quietly and with zero fuss.

Kinda like me when I demolish
a crate of ye olde ‘Stella Artois’

Now, sweetcheeks…

It may not seem like a big deal

in fact, in this particular case.

It isn’t.

But let it serve as a warning, comrade.

A warning that Mr Zuckerberg can do WHATEVER
he wants at ANY time.

They do it with the ‘layout’ and things
all the time…

No matter how much people kick off about
‘I hate this new Facebook’

They don’t give a fuck.

Tiz their platform, chico.

What I’m saying is this..

and ya may wanna write it down.

If you’re relying SOLELY on your Facebook
profile to get clients

Then, I.M.O you don’t have a bizniz.

At least not a long term one anyhoo.

See, they have the ability to close your account at any time.

Stop you from ‘selling’ for free, if they so desire.

They’re in this to make money.. so why should they
let you ‘promote your wares’ for nowt?

Even pull down your fan page.

Remember when you had a fan page and when people
‘liked’ your page.. they all used to see it.

Nowadays you have to PAY to have people see your
posts, even if they’ve already liked your page.

So listen up and listen carefully, brethren.

You MUST be building an email list.

Taking people away from Facebook.

Still use it- its a good marketing tool.

Specially the ads.

But if you choose not to heed Uncle Mortys

You’re leaving you’re leaving your bizniz at
the mercy of someone else..

And theres jack-shit you can do about it.

Thats why I recommend checking out
my buddy Jon Goodmans program..

Which will show you how to move people
from Facebook onto an email list..

(Which is how i build my multiple 6 figure bizniz’s)

Check it out here

He’ll also show you how to get an extra 1K fans
as a bonus too.

Paul ‘Makes my own Rules’ Mort

PS- This is a pretty serious warning, my friend.

Start building a more solid bizniz that you’re in control of

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