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They all laughed at me when I told them

December 15, 2017

I have an office and my own private gym in whats called ‘managed workspace’

basically, a site where a bunch of bizniz’s and office all share the same ground…

and a cafe.

So couple weeks back I was sitting in the cafe enjoying a strong coffee and a bacon sammich

(Flexible dieting for the win)

a dude I’ve seen around comes over with a few of his workmates and asks what I do

and that he loves my car

(My car is a total c*ck extension)

So I tell him..

“I teach PT’s how to make way more money, take more time off and have a bunch more fun”

then he asks me HOW I’ve built my businesses

and all 4 of them start LAUGHING

Like I’ve cracked some kind of joke

at this point, I think they’re CONVINCED I sell drugs..

or I’m some kinda pimp..

But I kept a straight face and they didn’t know what to say…


then it just got kinda awkward..

you know when you think someones joking…

and they’re not

that kinda awkward thing…

are you ask someone “When’s it due?”

and they’re not..

Yer- THAT awkward..

anyway, they waddled back off to their fry ups and sugary tea..

and I kept on eating…

and made a note to tell you about this incident..

See, I often see people look at me funny..

cuz I don’t wear a suit..

or act ‘professionally’

But why’d they laugh at me?

What was so funny?


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Well… I told them how I did it

ready for this?


that^^ is ALMOST how simple it is my friend…

Pretty nuts when you think about it rightz?

on top of a couple of other things…

that’s how the ACTION TAKERS in MMIC are getting clients in spades

WITHOUT having to spend hour after hour on Facebook ‘hoping’ that someone contacts them

or hanging every night dealing with needy people in those free Flakebook groups

Want the same?

F*ck you waiting for, handsome:

Paul ‘laughing stock’ Mort

PS- Heard another KILLER conversation from a guy who was trying to sell ‘marketing’ to one of the bizniz’s in there too…

He was all “Branding” this…

and ‘engagement’ that….

I’ll tell you how he was full of sh*t when I can

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