“The worst stool sample I’ve ever seen” - The Paul Mort Podcast

“The worst stool sample I’ve ever seen”

August 27, 2015

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<< ^^ that was the news delivered to me last
week from the guys at Gore Bioscience

see, i’ve been having a few issues

with bloating

with my asthma

with REALLY slow recovery from

and of course with my old foe, Mr Bipolar

So I decided to do something about it

and a ‘shit test’ was prescribed

with the results being, well

“The worst stool sample they’ve ever seen”

2 different types of bacterial infections
3 different types of yeast infection

It’s no wonder I’m suffering with the issues
I’ve been having

(not to mention the fart burgers I’ve been dropping)

Thing is though, amigo..



Because I’ve been trying to put a ‘band aid’
over those issues for YEARS now

Different diets etc etc
TONS of different types of bipolar meds


Now though..

I’ve gotten to the ROOT cause..

The CORE of all of those issues

Guess what that means?

I can fix it

The only way is up from here

Man, if I’ve been able to do what I’ve done
in my life and with my weight loss this last
year feeling like a sack of shit (pardon the

Imagine where we’ll go from here…

Reminds me of bidniz too

Looking for ‘band aids’

quick fixes for lack of bacon and clients

Discounts, offers, DESPERATION

Rather than getting to the ROOT of the

The 2 MAIN prollems for PT’s these days?

1-Shit at marketing and selling
2- Average results


I’m going to talk to reccomend something VERY
different today

baring in mind I HARDLY EVER reccommend other

(mainly cuz they’re full of shit <- wow)

Check this out…

Martin Rooney is one of my heroes and this
program is EPIC:


(Oh, thats an affiliate link BTW ^)

Paul ‘Gut rot’ Mort

PS- I have another email about shit tomorrow

I think you’ll like it….

if not…

Tough shit <--- Okay, I'll stop now

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