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The TRUTH about “Work Less, Earn More”

July 30, 2015

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Email I got from my man Chobie Davis last
“I’m currently on a beach in Bali whilst
travelling with my girlfriend and it’s all
thanks to Paul Mort. Thanks to that genius I
made more money in 12 weeks (just short of
10k) than I had most of the year.  I also cut
my working hours from 55 to 19 hours a week.
Magical doesn’t even cut it”
Yup, I know I mentioned it ‘tother day but
thought that maybe…
just maybe, you’d like to know how
‘chobester’ pulled it off
Lets rap
He made more money in 12 weeks than he did in
the rest of the year
and he cut his hours from 55 a week to 19 a
AND he’s been able to take a couple of months
out to go travelling with his queen bee
I could go into real detail about how YOU 
could do this..
but seriously, the FASTEST
and SIMPLEIST way to 
(pause for effect)
Honestly, chico
That is quite literally all you have to do
So how do ya do it?
Bro… you just ASK
Of course, there’s a little more to it than that
Such as improving your positioning so you’re regarded
as the PREMIUM option
Such as getting better at SELLING
Such as writing words the persuade
Such as positioning yourself as a LEADER
How do I do it?
that’s what Chobie did too
Come discover the PROVEN email blueprint:
Paul ‘he called me a genius?’ Mort
PS- See the news about the 1 million cheating
love rats in the UK who are shitting themselves after
a website was hacked?
Dirty buggers!
Email coming tomorrow on that scandal 

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