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The sick, twisted version of Me

May 29, 2015

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(Theres method in the madness, BTW)


last week my man and brand new ‘insider’ Matt
Nagle sent me in an FB ad campaign to review
for him…

Truth is, I always get a little excited about
critiques because I am BRUTALLY honest in my

and the ‘sick, twisted’ version of me, enjoys
being an asshole sometimes (screw that *most*
of the time)

So this application comes in for a Facebook
ad and I’m reading the particulars of what
Matt is trying to do (in this case, get ‘clicks’)

and then..

he quite literally

‘smacks me in the mouth’

in other words he showed me the ‘numbers’ on
his ad

and my opinion was deemed “TOTALLY

You see, when it comes to opinions on

there are a FUCK ton of opinions…

Goodness me, we’re DROWNING in a sea of them

thing is, hombre…

the only thing that matters when it comes to

(and most other things, actually)

the ONLY thing that matters…


The results NEVER lie

The results DESTROY opinions

MY OWN PERSONAL results are the reason I
NEVER engage in ‘debates’ with the mush

and in this case

Matts numbers meant that.. even my normally
correct (ahem) opinion meant JACK SHIT

The lesson?

If you want to shut people up

or quite simply improve your bizniz

I’d have you consider that most peoples
opinions are COMPLETELY irrelevant…

UNLESS, they have RESULTS..

like.. erm..


Check out my results (and how they can help
YOU) here

Paul ‘lost for words- for once’ Mort

PS- I recorded a video  the other day…

it’s VERY different from the normal fitness
industry bullshit

In fact, the TOTAL OPPOSITE of the ‘positive
thinking’ LIES we hear every damn day

Check it out, cupcake:

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