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The Power Of Honesty [podcast]

December 26, 2015

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No, youngblood..

I certainly DID NOT get so honest to tell my nan that I liked her moustache..

(she has feelings, you know)

BUT I did get interviewed on the Art and Science

of being on “Unstoppable Bastard”

and it’s ready for you to listen to as you head out on that
“Bloated as a mush-cookies vision board” Walk today…

Man, did i bring the heat on this one

If you’re interested in how my mind works when it comes to success

then you’ll dig this

but if you’re offended by RAW HONESTY…

Then you’ll hate it…

Either way, hombre

It’s here:

oh.. and Merry fucking Christmas, you filthy animal

Paul ‘honest’ Mort

PS- Don’t forget, babycakes…. I’m hiking up the price of my Inner Circle on the 30th…

So if you want 2016 to be ANY different to this year

the major tip I can give you?



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