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The ONLY way to shut me up

July 27, 2016

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EVERYONE knows that I’m an opinionated asshole

that aint a secrect, chachi

or is it in doubt

I mean… these emails are all pure opinion, backed up with a lot of FACT too

But there is one way to shut me up…


See, results are actually ALL that matter in this bizniz game

Your bank manager don’t give a shit how many ‘likes’ you have

only that you can pay your mortgage on time

and your kids don’t give a shit about how many followers you have, or how cool your logo is

only that daddy is home, happy and not a grouchy asshole

It’s true, mon ami

Don’t like it?

Like I said, shut me up with results


Reminds me of an ‘debate’ I had a while back with a ‘fitness business mentor’

(I have a KILLER email about one of these charlatans to send you)

I say ‘debate’ it was more of a “keep talking, dickhead” kinda of exchange was a response to an email just like this

saying that sales systems like mine don’t work

that websites that ask for peoples email addresses dont work

that people don’t read emails

and that ‘fancy sales copy’ is old and tired

My response?

Well, it was pretty simple

“is what you’re doing working for you?”

and “Oh and why are you reading MY emails.. and not the other way around?”

His reply?

** nutting but tumbleweed **

Well, actually he did mention income and tried to get into a dick measuring content

needless to say, he lost

My results.. (and my students) speak for themselves

So yer…

You can shut me up with your results

or you can have me show you how to get BETTER results


MMIC Sales Page (July 2016)

Paul ‘shaaadddaaap’ Mort

PS- Nothing here today…

but thanks for looking

Hey and don’t forget, dude

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then you won’t need these emails

So feel free to click the link below and piss off

I wouldn’t blame you…

Theres only so much money a man can make







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