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The ONLY “copycats” that matter

September 29, 2016

’twas only a matter of time before people started trying to copy “Un-Caged”or where I learnt a lot of my strategies, “Wake Up Warrior”

There was a time when it pissed me off and triggered the shit out of me

Now? gives me a giggle

Mainly cuz its always people who’ve never even been through any of these courses

So yer, they can copy all they like

anyhoo, there IS a breed of copycats that are CRITICAL to you


Know this, amigo:

You can preach to them

you can ‘teach’ them

you can shout at them and show them

But how they learn?


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Copying YOU..

how you live..

how you act…

how you operate..

They learn by EXAMPLE

My question for you?

What do YOUR actions teach your children?

The OLD version of me SUCKED

Spending WAY too much time on my phone

WAY to much time on Flakebook

Reacting like a little bitch at the first sign of stress

Being grouchy and tired all the time

Running away when things get hard


Another reason why I WISH there was something like “Un-Caged” around for me to enroll on and turn shit around faster

Luckily for you:

Paul ‘copy cat’ Mort

PS- This point I’m making I was proved again this weekend when my 3 year old girl, Nina
dropped a “Fucking Hell, Dad”

Woops, best keep an aye on that

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